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My experience was on the Rubicon.. after the first day we all (80 guys) disconnected both sway bars, mainly to save links after a couple had theirs automatically disconnected by the trail. The next day was like wheeling a hot marshmallow.. I didn't like it, too squishy. Kept my swaybars off for the ride home, still didn't like it, too much body roll. Bolted them back on, and liked that a lot better. Kept it that way.

I suspect some will say it's "fine" without running them, guess I just like things a little stiffer, feels better to me. And I never thought that a little less articulation was the reason I couldn't get up something, particularly with a front locker. Is less flex holding you back in some way?

edit: easy thing to try before you buy to see what you think, just take yours off and drive around for a bit- add in a pretend "panic stop" while you're at it.
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