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Default Everyday, do-everything rig camera?

Hey guys - always had a passion for photography, but by no means consider myself well versed when it comes to the finer points of the hobby. I posted this on expedition portal as well - apologies for the double post if any of you are on there as well - just trying to reach a large audience.

Here's what I'm looking for: a replacement to constant, worthless iphone photos while I'm on the road. Whether it be the daily work commute, or driving into the mountains for camping and skiing, I constantly find myself wishing I had a worthy camera sitting in the passanger seat with me so I could pull off to the side and document the daily beauty of Colorado. For a little Florida boy like me, it still hasn't gotten old, and likely never will.

So here's where you all come in - with a SMALL budget (while I save for a new 80 or 100 series Land Cruiser), what would be a great setup for under $300 or so? I pride myself on my craigslist abilities, and have seen some steals on Nikon D40's, Canon 20D's, etc etc etc. I also THOUGHT I was the king of research, but have been humbled by my lack of camera knowledge and complete lack of comprehension when perusing camera blogs. I'm honestly looking for nothing more than a body, and a "do everything" single lens. The photos will be a lot of Colorado landscapes, pictures of the rig, and random shots in between and on road/camping trips. I'm open to all suggestions and advice - thank you all in advance.
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