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The last pieces that we will add while the bumper is on the vehicle are the D ring (or shackle) mounts. Not only will they provide the obvious, they also will provide a LOT of strength and rigidity to the winch tray itself. We use our mill to cut the desired thru hole size.

Smoke flared up once I reopened the coolant line (had it shut off to take a better photo):

You gotta love it when you get chips like this. Not only do you know the speeds and feeds are set right, you know there wasn't any chatter and cleanup is SO much easier.

The plates fresh out off the mill:

We didn't have the right tubing in stock for the next parts. So instead of ordering a whole stick of material and having to wait on it's delivery of next week, we decided to cut our own. We happened to have some thicker walled tubing of the same OD which we could easily modify. So we put a length into one of our lathes and went to work:

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