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That's nice of you to say Stan. The car is on its way home with its new owner.

I got that Camry the year I graduated high school. A quick story if you have time........kind of sad to see it leave.

A lady came into the parts store that I worked at and said that she had a broken down Camry in her driveway that her neighbor tried to fix and was unsuccessful. Free come and get it!

I went to take a peak at it and it was the Camry (aka...the booger). the passenger side of the motor was completely torn down parts in the back seat and trunk). It had a bad timing belt and 97000 miles on it.

I managed to get it put back together in a couple weekends, and had about the nicest car I'd ever owned (8 brothers and sisters.....if you know what I mean).

I put over 100,000 miles on it and maybe have put $1000 in wear and tear parts into it (obviously no labor charges)......damn good car.

hopefully it has a little more life left in it for its new owner.

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