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A week already since we were just wrapping it up at Moab Hill? Time does fly.
How's the paw, Paulo? Break looks rough and if Cristo is still looking for stuck pics, your x-rays are them. You were stuck between a rock and a hard place - one of his sliders. Hope you are doing okay.
This was the first time back to the Hackett area for me since right before the Hayman fire having been there with the club in Jan. of '00 and '01, I think. Remembering what it used to look like and seeing the damage first hand was sobering and reminded me of the Jay Geils band song "Love Stinks". If you saw this area pre-Hayman Fire and haven't been back since then, you might find it interesting to revisit. The vistas towards the West are now quite obvious and you get a better sense of how big the Platte drainage is as can be seen in some of the good pics taken that day.
Thanks, Stan, for leading a great club run.
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