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Hey guys, thanks for the nice words! So far I only got a fiberglass splint immobilizing my finger!
I'll see the hand specialist again tomorrow morning and we'll make a decision on wether or not to pin it and avoid healing weird or crooked!
Will let you know how it goes.

As for the run, I had a awesome time! Crash, I don't think it classifies as stuck since it took only half a second and I was walking away hurting!

That whole area is incredible and I can't imagine what it used to look like before that fire! You guys are lucky to have seen it before! I was still back in Brazil back then.
And love doesn't stink, I think love is great! I mean I know it. Those two did not experience love, they were fooling around with a messed up relationship and got what they were asking for. I know I sound harsh for some but it's the truth and it hurts sometimes!
I say that with much respect to all.
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