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Long-term symptom: vapor lock at high altitude (top of Argentine Pass when I turned it off).
Short term symptom: hard starting when warm. It fires right up first thing in the morning when I double pump and choke it, but when it sits for a while, it takes several long turns of the key until it finally fires up...and then it blows "black smoke" according to Steve. This happened after the last meeting (really cold out) but also recently when it has not been that cold out. Seems like it isn't getting fuel...but it could be spark I suppose. Engine rebuilt 6K ago, but I did not replace the fuel pump. Plugs were new at that time, and fuel filter replaced. Carb rebuilt less than 1 K ago with Ricardo's help, and it has been running great until it started to get colder out. There seems to be plenty of fuel in the bowl when I have checked it, but I have not looked at that during the hard-starting episodes (usually at night and cold out.
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