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The majority of the work left on the front bumper will be done with it off of the vehicle. With it removed and sitting of the fab table, you are able to see the inner support structure better.

Our focus turns towards making the mounting plates for the flush mount lighting from Rigid Industries. We have used their products on multiple builds now and they have yet to disappoint. Some of the best lighting, if not the best, you can buy. Here is a shot from an earlier build showing what one of their 50" light bars can do:

On this bumper we will be using a set of their Dually D2 driving lights. They won't pack quite the punch as the 50" above, but should produce more than enough illumination for our needs. Here is one fresh out of the package:

We make a set of mounting plates

Then bend up some round rod to use as spacers so the lights will be truly flush with the front face of the bumper

We make the final cuts to the plates and start to fit the rod

Once the rod is welded to the plates, we smooth the edges

Added cage nuts

And test fit them into place

We then clamp the bumper to the fab table and tack weld the mounting plates and front face plate into place

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