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Default 2014 Snow and Pizza Run Sat. Jan. 25th

Let's do another one. I think we have it pretty well dialed in by now. The snow conditions for the run are a mystery at this point. Right now I figure the snow conditions are similar to last year where we made it all to the top of Yankee Hill.

Date: Saturday Jan. 25th, 2014
Meeting Time: 9:00 am - Leave at 9:30

Meeting Place: Cemetery area half mile above (west) of Central City-the normal spot. Meet for Pizza at Beau Jo's for pizza in Idaho Springs after the run. Around 4-5 pm.

CB Channel 4 - Ham 146460
Will will air down and/or chain up (if your using chains) at the meeting place. Most elect to not use chains.

Larger built rigs with winches can leave ahead of the main group closer to 9am. This should be a fairly small group.

Difficulty - this run is open to everyone. You just may not get as far as some. The only requirement is to have hard points front and rear for strapping purposes and of course a strap ready to go. A shovel and additional recovery gear is recommended.

Be prepared to stay warm and dry with winter clothing and boots. It can be really cold and windy up there.
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