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With the bumper still clamped to the fab table, we cut another set of plates to be used as inner gusseting. These will be positioned along the front faces and the winch tray. It will give added support if/when we decide to put a hoop onto the bumper for extra winch and radiator protection.

The next steps would include finishing the backbone of the bumper. This will require a slight modification to what already exists. So we need to unclamp it from the fab table. After doing so, I decided to add in the caps for the angle iron pieces on the front face. So I cut the 4 pieces needed and tack welded them into place

Then made the slight modification to the existing backbone structure. Before:


Then bent up some round rod to finish out the top of the front face. Once fully welded into place and getting smoothed out, it will not only add strength, but a clean, finished look of a rolled edge. Here is the rod tack welded into position

After the addition of the new pieces, we are ready to to start on the backbone once again. We once again clamp the bumper to the fab table

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