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I got this one (or something pretty close to it) in the last couple of years after my cheap, old compressor finally died.

I picked it up at Murdoch's when they were having a sale - I think it was just under $400 with the sale. Decent machine, runs relatively quietly, and does most everything previously mentioned for the 120v machines. I think all these 120v compressors that have been mentioned are similar in spec and capacity, and seem to be around $400 at the cheapest. I'm not sure there is really much of a difference unless you can increase the budget and spend $700 or more for an American made product or a 240v compressor.

One thing I've noticed is that running one of these machines on a standard 15A breaker tends to trip the fuse fairly often unless I am very careful about what else is running on the circuit. I'd like to upgrade that breaker on the panel to 20 or 25A, but it's a project for another time. For now, it just pisses me off when it happens.
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