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I finally got the frame prep work all done, cleaned up, power washed.
I bought some rust converter stuff from eastwood that comes in a fogger bottle. So I'll be masking off EVERYTHING then fogging the inside of the frame. It doesn't need it, but I'll do that and some touch up chassis black while everything is torn down.

Pulled the steering box to get it re-sealed/rebuilt and to get at the insane amount of grease that's built up around the gear and mount.

This rental puller from Autozone was the bee's knees, I have a couple decent pullers but I needed every bit of this one to get the arm off..
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I got the block back from Gunn its now ready to go.

Once I get the frame all finished up I'll start on the engine again.

making slow progress...I think the bulk of the expense is behind me now thank goodness
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