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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
60 gal, 5 horse, upright, 220v, oil-type. $479 at Home Depot type places. You can't outrun this compressor unless you do a lot of sandblasting (without stopping) or use a giant impact wrench on 8-lug trucks as fast as you can. I have had mine almost 20 years (a Coleman) - never done anything except drain water out of it. I have used it extensively in that time, although as a hobbiest. Oil type are quieter than oilless and uprights take up less room. 220v start quickly/briskly and after it's wired, you have an welder outlet you can use if you don't feel like adding another 220v outlet.
Lots of good advice here already. My .02 is get the largest 220V unit you have space for and fits your budget. For most folks the Home Depot/Lowes units are everything you will ever need. No need to spend the bucks on the high end professional style units unless you are going to be using it daily for HD business use. Stay away from the oil-less 120V units unless you need a really portable unit that will only get occasional use. They work OK but are very noisy, will wear out much sooner than an oiled compressor, and you will get tired of resetting the breaker.
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