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Originally Posted by Rezarf View Post
So my 12 year old Red Top Optima isn't coming back to life using the parallel battery charging trip. I left the radio on after doing some work and drained it really really good this time. I have had it charging for about 2 days and seeing if I can get it to revive once more, but I'm doubting it.

Am I a fool to buy another Optima? 12 years!!!!! they have earned at least a shot in my book. Probably going to run a yellow top this time, and perhaps install a dual system.

I know the Sears Die Hard Platnium is getting good reviews but is there any other deals out there right now?
I was debating that option when my Optima red top died after 3 1\2 years during the cold last month.Went out and bought their charger $200 bucks. tried to revive it did'nt work. 4 Wheel parts would only pro rate it. another $116.00 hopefully this one will last a lot longer. I am actually running the original panasonic battery in that came in the truck. It had been sitting in the garage for 3 1\2 years, put it on charger and has been fine since then.
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