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Default wrangler with IFS

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post

However, the other thing I heard from the Jeep sales manager is that 2014 will be the last year for the solid front axle in the Wrangler. They will supposedly go with an IFS type front axle in 2015, but I am always a little dubious of the accuracy of info like this. We'll see.

This Just In
We are not sure whether Automotive News got this right, but one of its reporters, after interviewing Jeep Chief Mike Manley, thought Manley was hinting that the next generation Wrangler would have (are you sitting down?) IFS. The change would be done in the name of fuel economy; IFS is lighter than a solid axle. Were already in an environment where its a challenge to produce a vehicle in that way, and its going to get harder, Manley said of the solid-axle Wrangler. What I can tell you is that the vehicle is absolutely fundamental to our DNA, and its going to become progressively harder to make sure that the vehicle meets all of the standards that are required for it. AN says the change, if it happens, will come when the Wrangler is revised for 2016. However, we have more background information than our colleagues at AN, and we bet it wont be as bad as what they inferred.
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