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Default Off roading suggestions for a visitor to Colorado

My family may be visiting my wifes brother in Westminster (Denver) for a week in May...

Wanting suggestions to some fun offroading adventures for the family (4 kids under 10) and recommendations on what I need as far as permits etc in CO as a visitor to ride trails in my Truck..

I own a basically stock 98 100 series.. I have some 285s on her and upgraded shocks but that is it.. I even have stock running boards

I am mostly interested in small challenges as I will most likely be a love vehicle and not much offroading experience in it.. I am currently perusing your Cascade Creek Furlough thread ( and it is pretty much exactly what I want... MN is flatter than Kate Moss so anything with great Views and fun trails for a day would be welcomed for suggestions.. heck even if there are some guys going out for the day around those dates (I will visit thread often with better dates) I would love to tag along and learn...

thanks and Hi
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