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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
I have one of their packs and bunch of the pockets. I use it doing my ranger/trails work. Great stuff and really well made (in the USA). the founder of the company is Patrick Smith. He started Mountainsmith back in the day and then sold that and started Kifaru as I understand it. I've been to their Wheat Ridge factory and they were super helpful.

I haven't tried any of their tents, but I'm sure they are top notch and you'll get great customer service for sure. They're also not canvas.

I personally don't like floorless tents and never felt the need for a stove/heat in my tent, but that's just personal preference. I like to be dry and have no creepy crawlies on me.
Yes your correct on the owner's name and Mountainsmith. That is exactly what Tom said to me from the REI rental dep. at the Denver store. Not sure where I got Frank.. Lol
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