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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
'98 = no Atrac Matt, but very likely has a round dial, even better.

Argentine Pass is likely perfect for what you're looking for... but as many have said there's no telling what kind of snow will still be there. I know you said you don't mind snow but we're talking 6-10' drifts that completely cover the road. Every year, on every trail, someone will bust through most and shovel out some of the drifts on every single mountain trail... May is early for that, it's usually more like June. But who knows what this year will bring.

Be sure to post up when your plans get closer!
yep 98.. the reason I flew from MN to TX to buy it was it was white, had rear and center locker factory, was $4000 cheaper than everything else I found and less miles....

cool.. yeah I dont mind snow.. not into walls of it hahaha... Ill read that book that was suggested.. I'll keep researching and watching everyones suggestions... who knows.. maybe I can meet up with a crew if any of you decide on a day trip somewhere.. safety in numbers especially if those numbers have experience.. me not so much.. I had a Diahatsu Rocky diesel about 16 years ago and only for about 12mths.. so limited on real experience... adn living in MN doesnt inspire many outings.. haha

thanks again for all input so far... will be watching till the day I arrive
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