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Default source for pipe T connection?

Hey folks, I have been scouring the internets looking for a suitable connector for a new roof rack application, and have been coming up empty. I am tempted to design and mold the things myself, but keep thinking this is so common surely someone has already developed this. So if anyone has a good source for these, or can point me to one, I'd sure appreciate it.. and would make it worth your while!

here are the specs:

-must fit 1" OD pipe. could also fit 25.4mm pipe
-must be split in the middle- this needs to be able to be installed last, can be threaded on during assembly.
-can be plastic (GF Nylon or similar) or metal (steel). black color would also be nice.
-reasonably priced, and readily available. US made is preferred!

This one would be just about perfect, except that it's for 1.25" OD pipe and they don't make a smaller one (yes, I contacted them).

Here is another potential solution, but I don't have an Alibaba account and would rather deal with someone in this hemisphere. but that shows you pretty much what I'm looking for.
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