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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Craziness. I wonder if the Chinese stuff will eventually drive some of the name brands out of business.
Based on the hit-or-miss quality and customer service I don't think the Japanese companies are in any danger. The Chinese radios seem to be developing rapidly but the Wouxun mobile really isn't a good radio. The ARRL tested it a couple of months ago and they were underwhelmed at the technical performance and found the firmware to be buggy just like Ed suggests. When you flush the Chinese radios against the competition, they do seem a step down and are way behind the IC-7100, TH-D72, FTM-400 in technology and the FT-8800, IC-2300, TM-D710 in quality. They have the undisputed price advantage but they, at best, operate weird and are always a risk of being poorly (or completely non) operating junk with no support.
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