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Default My wife assumes I can fix it...

I used to get props whenever I fixed an issue with the 60, now my wife assumes i can fix it, and it shouldn't take more than an hour or two....

Yesterday she walked in and told me I needed to replace the clutch in our Subaru tomorrow. (Of course there alternator on the 60 went out on the way to get the Hanes manual, happy new year). Knock on wood, the one thing I haven't done on my truck is the clutch. I pushed the Subaru, and drove it to work while I waited on my alternator.

The symptoms... All of a sudden a squeal started when the clutch was depressed. After my drive to work, the squeal turned into more of a slight grind and getting it into gear got tough, but not impossible. Like any responsible 60 owner( daily driver) I carry a AAA membership, so had the subaru towed back to my house.

BTW...its a 2009 impreza, w/ 90k

I was convinced the throwout bearing had failed based on my Google search. And I have been prepping for a clutch job. But now the tow truck driver, who drove the car a bit today, and my buddy think its the slave cylinder...any input appreciated.

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