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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
In a word, no.

To elaborate, we have identified close to 30 updates that must be performed on the web site before it can be open for registration. Some of those are visible page html stuff and some are back office items to the database and database code. We have two guys working on it, one on the former and the other on the latter.

When the changes are implemented, we will test them and after a reasonable amount of quality assurance we will open to the public and announce that on all the major sites, including here. We try really hard to get it done by around the middle of January. I don't know if we are going to be ready on a particular date, but it is way more important to get it right than to rush to an artificial deadline and have bugs and mistakes.
Thank you very much for the update. The only reason I am asking is because I am leaving in the morning on vacation. I won't be back home until the 17th, so I was wondering if I will have to register while on vacation. I should have internet access everywhere I go so I will just keep checking.

Thanks again, Jason
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