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Default Wednesday's meeting at Toyota

I met some of you at the Wednesday evening meeting, it was very interesting to see how another club handles a meeting, I'm a 14 year member of the Trail Ridge Runners in Longmont and missed around 12 meeting in 14 years.

1. I like that the meeting stayed on schedule and on time. Topics where kept to a minimal.
2. I liked that there was a 3 minute time to meet the new people, I was glad I was one of about 6, it would be uncomfortable if I was the only guy.
3. I liked the idea that to become a member you need to go to one meeting and go on one club event.
4. The raffle at the end of the meeting was nice, a lot of work for the person who is in charge of this every month to find prizes, not an easy job.
5. I think I heard something about yearly dues and cost, I think $50.00 ( $25.00 to the club and $25.00 to other organizations ) is a great price, might be the cheapest 4x4 membership in Colorado ?
6. Club buying lunch after a run ??? seems odd, not used to this. The members should feel lucky, not sure how many other clubs can afford this ? I'm sure this does not happen after every run.
7. The Trail Ridge Runners has so many women involved at meetings, runs and events it was odd to so only IGY ( spelling ) at the meeting...why no women ? are your wives afraid to show up since no other women do ?..sorry guys..I feel something is wrong here, but it's what your used to. If anything keeps me from joining it's that, my wife will not come or go on runs if there are no women (most of the time ) I'm sure some do go on runs or events.
8. Meeting place is great, Stevenson Toyota has a great meeting room. Having to get out the door at 9:00pm was tough, but helps keep the meeting on schedule.

Sorry for the long write up, just what I seen from being a guest. I WAS going on the snow run..until the state meeting was moved to the 25th, I'm the Delegate for the T.R.R. club for 2014.

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