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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
There is a vibe that's hard to explain, the club ebbs and flows. For a while when there are bunch of new members and families with stock-ish trucks, the runs are fun and about exploring but over time the trucks get bigger, the runs get harder and things get hard core. It's always seemed to me that there's this underlying attitude that being a Toyota-only club we've got something to prove and the trucks always have to get built to beat trails into submission and we forget why we started in the first place.
Disagree there completely. There are very few hardcore trucks in the club Dave. And most club runs are on pretty mild to medium trails: Yankee Hill, Moab has lots of easier runs, Chinamans, Triple Bypass, 40's only run, etc... Holy Cross gets run, but again, that's once a year, and its not "hard core" just "difficult" and requiring lockers and slightly larger tires. I've only seen a few runs over my entire membership in the club posted up to Carnage, Penrose, or Montrose.

There are a ton of IFS 100's in the club now, as well as a ton of Taco's and 4runners. Very few are hardcore.

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