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12+ years in, I have seen the club as having something for everyone but not everything for all. There are former members I still wheel with and current members I have yet to get to know. Mostly I wish I could get to know everyone better because its an amazingly diverse and interesting group of loyal and caring people.

I agree it all ebbs and flows. We all get along, and within a few basic guidelines everyone gets to put in and get out of it what they want.

Critical I think to the success of this organization, is there is no "The Club". We are all the club.

Ideas come up, interest determined, sometimes things happen, sometimes not. And, its all good.

The basic structure - all your points except #2 (brand new that night) and #7 (I'm not married so more wives will bring more single friends ) - and the Bylaws - provide the foundation and the rest is all what we create.

Welcome aboard if it works as I think its a great group and you could not go wrong in joining, and thanks for checking it out if it turns out not to be the right fit for you. Come on a few events and bring the family if you can before you decide.
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