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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I haven't been involved lately, so my frame of reference is old. It became clear to me I was way beyond my means after the 2008 Rubithon run. Kirsten didn't have a good time at all, I spent a lot of money prepping the truck and spent more fixing it. Just not my cup of tea. I should also admit that my tolerance for 'hard' has been slipping. I just don't really much care to chase some never achievable goal, we've been having more fun poking around back roads in an almost completely back-to-stock truck just like we did 15 years ago when we first bought Imelda with her 225/75R15 Bridgestone Duelers and bench seat. This is I think the fundamental similarity, it's about seeing new places, spending time together and not tackling problems. The runs you list are fine but we've done them a dozen times. Ho-hum. And God forbid, we shut off the engine and hike and ride the bikes a whole lot more now.
I mean, I totally get that. My wife hates wheeling and I think breaking down on the trail is very stressful. Honestly, I didn't go on that rubithon trip simply because I knew that while my truck might do fine, if it had any trouble at all, all of the SA rigs from other clubs would be up my ass and cussing at me for bringing an IFS rig on the Con. I want to do the Con someday, but with a small group of friends and not during any kind of event.

And, while I always enjoy working on problems and fixing other people's trucks, when my truck started breaking on the trail, I kinda quit wheeling it because it was stressful, and since I was wheeling a modified IFS truck, I hated being on the trail broken and having other clubs drive by and ridicule the "stupid ass with the IFS". This club has been super supportive and great, and there aren't any issues, but I found most other clubs, including toyota clubs, to be very discouraging and made breaking way worse than it should have been.

On the other side of the coin, one of the best trips I had was in carnage with UB solo, and we had a huge adventure getting WR fixed and out of there. But, it wasn't stressful because all we had to do was get it back to the trailer. If your rig is a DD, its a whole different ball game.

I think that your direction is very common Dave. I mean, we have entire sub structures of the club, some folks who are totally into HAM, some who are totally into Dirt Bikes, and some who want to build trailers, and expo type stuff. I agree, I don't really dig doing some of those trails because they are popular, familiar, and they end up being a parking lot many times.

I like building trucks a lot. Its fun for me. But I also like camping and biking, so I've scaled back a bit right now, so I don't burn a whole year in the garage building (School also puts a strain on the financials).

So, I think we have a lot of different folks now, from new to experienced, and as others have pointed out, it ebbs and flows.

But I think there is also a lot more here on the level you like, just back roads with some camping gear and going hiking, than when you went to rubicon.

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