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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Yes, thanks again for coming out, and for being an active participant!

For the record my wife loves camping, would rather be hiking or biking than wheeling will tolerate moderate wheeling, particularly if it leads to camping or hiking or biking... but yes really doesn't want to go to a meeting to talk about it. She doesn't like narrow shelf roads either, or snow runs where you wait a long time while someone's getting unstuck. she did drive on the inaugural Ladies in 80's run though!

One thing that hasn't been stated here is a lot of us active members also have small to mid-sized kids- don't know the percentage, but it's a lot. So mom's at home with the kids on Wednesday while dad gets his one guy night. Just looking around the room last night, I know that was true for at least 10 of us.
This pretty much describes our family to a tee. My wife has a real fear of shelf roads. Ouray to Silverton on 550 is enough to make her tear up. She comes often enough on wheeling runs that we're all happy. She'll even drive the very mild stuff, but once she reaches her limit, I don't push her to try more. I want this to be enjoyable for her. My kids will go anywhere with me though.

That being said, she would have zero desire to attend a Club meeting on a Wednesday night. It really has become my night out with the guys and that's good for both of us. Plus like Nakman said, we have young kids at home and it's mid-week. Dinner, bed, school in the morning. That's the routine.

All are always welcome on our runs. Some runs tend to be more "family friendly" than others though. That's just the nature of the location, difficulty, date and time spent on the trail.
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