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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
Welcome Ray, would love to see pics of your crawler and Taco! I think the Taco is a great platform for comfort on the highway and functional for just about every trail you want to do, a side from extreme rock crawling. They are super durable and I bet you will have years of great exploration in it.

Are you planning to add an off road camper top? Lift? I had a FJCruiser and 4th Gen 4runner. They share similar parts with your Taco. If you ever have any questions about lift kits, skid plates, bumper options, I would be happy to offer options for you to consider.

One of my dream rigs is an extended cab Taco with a camper top, 33s and moderate lift.

I keep trying to convince my 7 year old son, that a Taco should be his future rig and he replies with "no dad, I want a 40 or your Land Cruiser" So maybe a Taco is in my future someday..

Look forward to hearing your stories about your experiences over the years.
Yes, my plan is...3" lift on 33" MK2 rubber, front and rear Aluminum bumpers, winch, front locker, rock guards, skid plate the underside, gas tank..etc.. AND a Four Wheel cab over camper with a queen bed, heater, table..etc..will be small but warm and off the ground...this will be for scenic Utah canyon land trips and easy trails in Colorado.

Question.. can I put an Electric locker in the front, or does it need to be ARB. And with 33" tires, 6 speed manual will I need to change out the Ring and Pinion to a 4?? gearing
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