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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
wow, cool dave. I thought i might upgrade from the FTM350 til i saw the coin for the 400
The FTM-400 is cheaper than the FTM-350 + FGPS-1 it replaced. The 350 alone was cheaper but the 400 has GPS built-in already. Most of the FTM-350 screens don't display anything without GPS or APRS enabled.

HRO used to sell the FTM-350AR for $630 and the FGPS-1 module for $70. The FTM-400 goes for $690 and with the $20 instant rebate it's $670 right now.

If you don't want APRS then the FTM-350 was a slightly cheaper option, but if you just want a dual band voice radio the FT-8800 is better than both IMHO and is a steal at $380 after the $80 rebate.
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