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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Judging by Reslacks first post I gather that the Buff has moved across the street from where it once was to the old Pancake House location. That is in the McGuckins parking lot at the corner of 26th and Canyon. We might not ever hear from Drew as he probably forgot what forum he was on. Whatever the case lets meet in the Buff whereever it is at 07:30 manana.
Yes, that's the place... however, am I going to screw everybody up if I say Off Campus instead? I have to be at a meeting out here in Bloomfield right after. I don't know if I can swing heading into Boulder now. Sorry for the delay, all my time has been spent on the local Jeep forum since no one here seemed to care for my suggestion, I started making other plans.

I can for sure make OC at 0730. Might even drive the 40.

Let the flaming begin...

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