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Robbie just did my 1997 80 Rebuild and front/rear axle service. I am working on a right up for it to post but I will tell you that the work was absolutely incredible. But, more importantly, for a newby like me, Robbie explained the pros and cons of everything with the patience of a saint. As dumb as my questions were, Robbie never, ever made me feel like it was a dumb question.

For those people that can't DIY but want it done right. Do what I did. I called Robbie, the next day he called me back. Answered all my questions. I drove up to Boulder so he could check my 80 out for free. Then, he worked on it and delivered it perfectly. You can't get better service than Robbie. His prices are fair and you get to leverage his expertise.

I was thinking about doing the axle work but I just watched Robbie do it and he was a maestro. If you need work done, take it to Robbie. He is worth it!
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