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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
One more thing - registration is NOT open to the general public until it is announced publicly. We are still testing and we had two guys who tried to register yesterday. The site actually took their money. We will refund it of course, but they either used the same URL we have used every year or done some kind of search to find it. Bottom line is, it isn't open to public registration until officially announced here, on Mud etc. Anyone who butts in front of the line will be kicked to the back.

Before someone asks, I will answer: We do allow trail leaders and gunners early access to registration, typically for a couple days before we announce registration is open to the public. This is so that Joe Cruiserhead that thinks he is going to get onto a trail that said it still had one spot left doesn't get bumped because the trail leader wasn't in the database first.

We don't expect this to be a widespread problem but we try to anticipate and prevent problems before they arise. We aim to make it a great experience, from registration, to trail runs, socializing, the dinner and raffle, and make great memories you take home with you and remember for years to come.

I don't think folks are trying to butt in line Jeff. Looks like a simple google search for cruise Moab registration will take you directly to the sign up pages.

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