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Originally Posted by imhighlander View Post
Hope this isn't a thread jack but what is the lowest psi you can run on a stock, non-beadlock wheel? I'm in an 80 on 285/75/16 with the OEM wheels. Would love to try and make this run but am afraid of getting stuck. (Happened once on Kingston Peak in a wicked drift on the shelf road.)
I would suggest no lower than 15psi, and would probably stop at 17. It's possible to get a bit more traction going lower, but it's not worth the additional potential sidewall damage, IMO... remember there's pokey things down under that snow. Getting under 20 is going to get you pretty squishy as it is, staying towards the back should make sure you "make it" more often than not, and above all else make sure you've got solid recovery points front and back.

A great thing to do while airing down is just hook up a strap in back, put a shackle in the other side, then toss it inside through the hatch. That way should you need a tug in reverse, or should the guy behind you need a tug, you're already ready.
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