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Default we're renting our L'ville house

We're doing that. I completely agree with everything stated. Especially the fact that it's worth the cost for a PM company at least at first. Being new to the "landlord" thing and having small kids, the last thing we wanted was to be a victim of our own naivety or to get the 2am calls about a furnace issue. we're happy with our PM company - pretty transparent. we just get a check in the mail every month.

and...absolutely learn all the ins and outs of evictions. If it does come to that, some advice I was given was to make the move out as easy as possible for them. for the packing of the house or 50% or moving costs or something like that. if written properly into the contract and delivered the right way, you may avoid the risk of a pissed off tenant wrecking your place. the cost of the move is waaay less than repairing your house.
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