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Renters have the law on there side, Land Lords HAVE to play by the law.

I had one customer go take the front door off the rental house until either they moved out or got currant on there rent...Boy he got in trouble...
Can't turn the water off
Can't shut off the heat
Can't take there stuff out of the house.
A renter can stay in a rental house for a long time until all legal papers are filed and eviction notices are put into action.
Had one Landlord ( Customer ) loose a battle in court, before the renter moved out, pulled all kitchen cabinet doors off, holes in the drywall and other STUFF.

In court, the landlord could NOT prove the house was not like this when the renter moved in, landlord lost,.. $10.000 in damage, Landlord now takes pictures before and after any tenant moves in and has a solid contract.
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