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Find another bank. Someone will loan you $$ with a signed lease and/or slightly larger downpayment. Banks typically see rent at 70% value. Someone wants to lend you money. My wife and I have had tenants for 12years. It's worth the effort. It can feel like a second job sometimes, but it's a well paying second job that can fit your schedule.

Be prepared to deal with 5-10 hours per month of BS

Some of my 'tricks'
Look how clean the car is they arrive in to see the house.
Call previous landlords & employers
Stop by to collect the rent on or before the 1st of the month for the first few months.
List late fee of $30 per day day on the lease. Paying rent on the 5th cost an extra $150. (I have never actually charged my tenants, but it sets the expectations that rent is due on time)
Always do 12 month lease.
Always Utilities transferred to tenant.
"Upgrade" a few items while they are living there and let them know before they move in you plan to do so. Replacing a p-trap on a sink, washing maching hose, change light fixture. I few inexpensive maintenance items gives you an excuse to go in the house and see how they are treating the place.
Know your HOA rules and share them with your tenant.
Contact them and discuss their intentions to move out or resign a lease 6 weeks before they plan to move out.

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