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Originally Posted by Brucker View Post
Thanks. Though the last 3 ARB bumpers that came through my shop all were between 150-165 lbs shipping weight, which didn't include any accessories like lights or winch. And that weight is also what ARB and TransAmerican lists most of their fronts at for shipping. I haven't brought one in for a 1st gen so they might be lighter, though yours isn't a first generation either so who knows? And I would honestly have to check if they make one for the first gens.

We were shooting for around 80 lbs before any accessories. Came in a tad high (13 lbs over) but we are still happy. There may still be a hoop added to the top of the bumper but that depends on the owners tastes. We actually played with a couple different styles (if you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen a couple different attempts at fitting some hoops to it) and we couldn't find one that the owner was happy with yet. He for now has taken that off the build sheet, but that honestly seems to be changing everyday.
You could very well be right, I'm using the 'man-calibrated' bathroom scale method. ARB does (or did, no idea if they still do) make a bumper for the 84-88 trucks but not for the 1st gen 4WD 79-83 AFAIK.
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