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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
If you drove a solid axle Cruiser you would simply laugh at the weather and find any excuse you could to be out in it instead of hiding under you bed in fear!
How about you come down to my place and we'll leave around 7 am?

See how well your solid axled junk heap does behind 2wd sedans with bald tires that are sideways on the road every 10 feet, or 4 miles of stopped cars, because someone with 4wd thought that they could also 4wheel stop. Or the absolutely excellent Boulder Traffic control, which gridlocks at every major storm.

Its about 16-20 miles from my house to work, depending on route. 2 hours to go that far is idiotic. Sorry.

If I want a smooth ride in, I gotta leave around 5. Not my cup o beans.

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