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Default Shop Recommendation for Electrical Work?

'73 FJ40, SBC, TBI, dual battery

Background: I had the FJ at a collision repair shop to do some work following an incident. I got a call from them as they were wrapping up the repair that they kept blowing fuses (20Amp) and ended up frying the TBI ECU (I paid for a replacement). They couldn't figure out what was going on, so I got it home. Turns out that the voltage regulator in the alternator had gone TU, and they were driving it and running it with over 18 volts being pumped back into the system. It pegged out the volt meter on the dash.

I've replaced the alternator and the battery, but now am seeing only 10 volts back into the system. I suspect that the battery isolator is not performing properly but have not had the time to replace it to see if that's the source of the current issue. Regardless, it's still not running right.

Fast forward to today: I contacted our insurance company that covered the incident and they told me that in order for them to cover it I needed to take it to a shop to have the issue diagnosed and an estimate for repairs. Anyone with a recommendation? It's NOT going back to the collision shop.
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