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Originally Posted by DanS View Post
I just learned that I have to fly out of town on wednesday, so I'll miss the meeting. Otherwise I'd just catch you there. Basic difference between the two: C&TS is owned by the states, and is a living museum--D&SNG is a for profit historic railroad. In terms of scenery, the C&TS goes over the mountains, and the D&SNG goes up a canyon. In my opinion, the views not he C&TS are infinitely better.

It can be. D&SNG is more restrictive in terms of schedule, but the C&TS has options to ride the train from Chama to Osier, then back to Chama (or a round trip from Antonito to Osier), or you can ride the train one way and catch a bus back (depends on the day, some days you ride the bus first, then catch the train).

You can also drive some good FR roads all the way to Osier and chase the train--there's also some good camping spots, and a metric ton of aspens. Here's the 40 meeting the train at Osier, and the 40 amongst a stunning aspen grove (BTW--is there anything more photogenic than an 854 40 in the aspens? I doubt it.)

Thanks for the info. We have it planned to ride the train one day for Outlaws. Probably camp in that area around Osier.

Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
We did an epic hot springs stop on the Outlaws Run 2013. Pagosa Springs for a couple of hours would be fine with me. If you don't want to see Perry's cut abs and my chiseled thighs, that's yer loss, man.
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