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Originally Posted by liveoffroad View Post
wow, that is one of the cleanest interior cages i've seen, well done! i dont have any experience building cages, but i'm wondering how strong it is w/o being tied into the frame?
Thank you for the kind words. As for being tied into the frame, I just haven't gotten there yet. Heck the cage isn't even fully welded together yet. If you read back (I know, lots to go through) I already went over the cage plan and specs. Here is what I wrote back on the last page in post #74:

Time for some cage work. This time around, the client wanted a simple 4 point interior cage. By 4 point, we are referring to the amount of points the cage will be tied into the frame. It will be constructed out of DOM round tubing and tied into the frame using bushings. We will also be tying in the factory roll bar to the new tube work, stiffening the entire chassis. Eventually the plan is to eliminate the factory portions with new DOM throughout and adding 2 to 4 more frame tie in points.
Hope that this helps.
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