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Originally Posted by mistapuggs View Post
Jeff, you have an assignment for me yet?

Ryan Davis -K6KRU
Wasatch Cruisers
Hi Ryan, no I don't yet. When I updated the first post in this thread either yesterday or the day before I basically said i was going to hold off adding any more until we see which trails fill enough to run. I went ahead and took Adam for Spike because I am 99% sure we'll run it both Thursday and Saturday. But different years are different as far as which trails are popular. Last year I only had 2 sign up for Hell's Revenge on Friday, which is really odd because that trail is usually really popular. So I moved those two guys around so they got to do Hell's, just on a different day, and we didn't do Hell's at all on that day. I know you were talking about doing Moab Rim, but I don't know which days we're going to run it this year. The last several years we've only had enough interest in that trail to run it one or two days.

One good thing is that it looks like we're going to have the luxury of more leaders this year than the past several years, so we may be able to run more total trails with fewer rigs on each trail, which is always nice.

But we're only about 2/3 full right now so I really haven't started sorting things down yet. It makes for less overall work if the event is totally full or at least as full as possible before we start on trail assignments. There might be a few obvious ones that stand out, for example if I see we've got 12 rigs on Moab Rim on Saturday already, and I know you've already offered to lead it, that will be easy to figure out.
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