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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
You bet! And we really do need help with this- in the best case, we'd like the Colorado Association, United, BRC, CUSP, COHVCO, and others presented at one of our meetings later this year (after Moab), with the opportunity for each to be presented with benefits, costs, past endeavors, etc. The list would look a lot like past recipients of our Philanthropy donations.

It's not a trivial task though, the only way to do it would be to divide & conquer. Months would be June, July, August, and if need be, September. Wouldn't have to be a personal visit, someone could instead just speak for 15 minutes based on a couple phone conversations and/or email exchange, on behalf of whichever organization they spoke with. Then we consolidate all of that info into a more "a la carte" approach to membership next year, where it's $25 for RS plus whatever other options are agreed upon.

And if this can't all happen this year, then odds are good we'll be right back where we are again today a year from now. So if it's important to you, then hopefully it's important to you to be a part of the process.
i can arrange this..I'm a Delegate fro TRR, I know Kerry B. REALLY well. He was president but is secretary for the state for 2014
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