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Default Chasing a short...

A my 1995 Corolla is blowing brake light fuses. It started last fall and I'd get a few weeks between popping a fuse. Now it pops at the first touch of the brakes. I know the basics on chasing a short but I've never had to work too hard for the solution. Currently I know my brake switch is not faulty, I have to use the shifter override soleniod thingy by the shifter to get it out of park. My bulbs work when I first depress the brakes.

I'm thinking my order of tracking this down is as follows, please comment if you'd do it differently and why...

Probably swap out the bulbs just to make sure I am starting with fresh working bulbs.
I've already replaced the brake light switch under the dash to confirm that was not the primary issue.
I'm basically looking for continuity for power right?

How would you start? Brake lights to the switch or switch to the brake lights?

I've got a few things that need attention in the dash consol, like the lights and cig lighter, I might take a look there first since I know there are issues.

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