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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Carson, if this is my old 2f we're talking about, then it was running really well even on the coldest winter days up here at 8000+ feet. You mentioned you took the carb off and rebuilt it due to that hesitation and then it started to run funny. I would look to the last thing you did first. Or, before doubting the manifold, check old vacuum lines, etc.
Hey is indeed. Love the rig though.

It idles fine once the engine is at full operating temp, but doesnt hold idle when cold. My stock '76 only needs choke for a minute or two for cold starts. Could it be the aftermarket headers that warm up more slowly because they are more separated from the intake manifold than OEM? I also might have created a leak at the base of the carb with the new gaskets. I also suspected getting something stuck in the idle circuit during the rebuild, but replies to my idle circuit thread on ih8mud suggested a vacuum leak. Who knows. I'll get it dialed in soon.

Anyway, it is fun wrenching nonetheless. I'm just splitting hairs at this point. I'd drive this puppy to Alaska tomorrow if I had the time!
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