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Great thread...finally took the time to catch up on it!

I've done both short term rentals with my property in Breck and long term with several homes in Colorado Springs and Denver. All of the comments above are spot on. It's a crapshoot with renters!

I had one renter that all finances checked out great, background check perfect, good job, etc etc. seemed like the perfect renter! Then, he quickly became an alcoholic, drove his car through the back of the garage into my laundry room, lost his job, stopped paying rent, and then somehow got a Rottweiler dog (not allowed in lease) that went into heat inside the house after chewing all the wood trim off the house!

As mentioned above, the best way to get someone like this out of your house is to help them move! It nearly killed me to do it, but I drove down to C-springs, rented the moving truck myself, and helped the guy move out! He was out in a week, and it cost me a day of work and a truck rental. But I was able to get in quickly to fix everything and get it rented the next month which was way cheaper than going another month without rent and another month of an alcoholic living in the house. Plus, I was able to use the moving truck to get all my construction supplies to fix the house!

I fixed it all back to perfect and had incredible renters for 7 years afterward! You just never know...even when you do your homework!

The best thing to have is close friends who still lives next door and is nosy enough to let you know when something doesn't seem right next door!

Some property managers literally just collect the rent for you and charge you for it, nothing more, so it really pays to do your research on them as well!
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