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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
Pretty funny ad for a pretty cool truck.....
That's awesome. Saved some of the good text for those you selling a fun to ride but somewhat smelly cruiser, minitruck, whatever:

"Yes it's for sale not a trade for anything; I have allot of that **** already.
So what you are looking at is a rough 1967 Nissan Patrol! Not a Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Defender 90 or a Jeep! It's an import from Japan 1 of 2600? Who cares it's rare and runs.
I love the ugly thing but I'm out of storage space and want to sell it to some other a**hole that likes ugly cars. I haven't done much to it sense I've owned it. Bought it off CL about 8 months ago and had my fun, the thing won Diamond in the rough at the Multi-State Datsun Classic Car Show last year so I call her a trailer queen but it's far from a queen this thing is more like a dirty hooker that works as a stripper on Boulder Highway in fact you can even hose out the entire thing and not worry hurting her feelings.
If you think you have the skills and the cash you can buy this work of art and make her into a fine little call girl."


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