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Originally Posted by LARGEONE View Post
Oh, I forgot that the same renter tried to kill himself in the house and stole his girlfriend's mom's checkbook and wrote bad checks! My old neighbors were calling me week after week the last month he was there! And this guy's employer spoke very highly of him...he paid first three months up front, and cleared all checks! Nightmare renter.

All of this happened in two months!

I got a court judgement against him, but it's hard to collect from someone in jail...where he ultimately ended up!
These stories are terrifying because you can't predict what will happen in the future. I rented a couple of upscale houses when I was in Las Vegas, and each time I was ready to move out the owners BEGGED me to stay. They each said the house looked the same or better when I moved out and they were scared to try to find new tenants in that city. Crazy stories of renters destroying houses out there and the NV laws now lean far more towards protecting the tenant than the landlord.
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