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Angry The hits keep coming (RANT)


In late 2011, I took a bunch of money I'd saved and shipped my 79 FJ40 to Proffitt's in Delta to finally make it look all cool like the pictures I saw back in 2002 when I first bought my truck. After the tow truck left, I tried not to think about it so I didn't get too excited, as I still had to go back across the pond for work for the next 6 months or so. Well, I pick it up later in the summer of 2012, just as Proffitt's really tanked and eventually died off. Blah, blah, blah, lots of unsuccessful wheeling trips, overseas most of the year, not a lot of time at home, I finally got a chance to get some of the bugs (that tend to come with a large build) worked out, being home for a while, and we just keep finding things.

-Rear bumper/dual swingouts had some stress cracks in the metal (repaired) on the tire carrier, and the JERRY CAN holder, does not hold JERRY CANS. Instead, I had to find some that fit. Now I can carry two big, fat square cans, instead of 3- standard Jerry cans. Whatever, I can deal with that.

-Chromoly rear axles not installed with 37's, so I found that out the hard way

-Orion 4:1 still giving me fits (Redline will get that sorted, I'm sure)

-Fuel spitting out the filler and strong vapor engulfing the cab, giving everyone headaches. Fine driving around town. (also Redline)

-Most of the electrical stuff either wasn't grounded, or was very poorly grounded, stuff just tied together or dangling, shorts, etc. We actually had to talk to the owner of Howell, to figure out my ignition wiring. My ENGINE ground was just dangling down the firewall. Come on.

So all of this stuff was before I took it to Redline to get it all worked out. I keep getting calls from Justin about little things. My tie rod was mashing into my frame up front and the shocks were bottoming out. So that's all taken care of. Then Justin noticed my coils on my rear 4-link are rubbing the tire and the shocks are bent, which is pinching the brake lines. On the plus side, I may be getting some sweet rear coilovers now. I'm just sick of redoing things that I already paid a "Cruiser" shop $45k to do.

I'm going to bring my FJ40 to Cruiser Fest, so I can publicly challenge Greg Miller to a duel. So add that to the itinerary if you plan on going. I believe at this point, that he's responsible for crushing my Cruiser dreams. I JUST WANT TO USE MY FJ40 THIS YEAR! I had to sell my BMW last year and get a 100 just so I could still go get out on some trails!

The moral of the story is, go to Redline in the first place!

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1979 FJ40 - "The Phun Express" - Smurf blue
- 5.3 Vortec - 4L60E - Orion 4:1 -SOA front / 4-link rear - FJ60 axles - ARB's - 4.88's - 37's

1999 UZJ100
- factory locker/ARB front - 285/75r16 Duratracs - Slee 2.5" Heavy Kit - Slee Blueberry/Warn VR10000 - Slee tube sliders - EMS cat-back
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