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Originally Posted by sank View Post
I had to leave before my time to speak, unfortunately. I asked some gentleman with an FJ t-shirt and a 10 year old to try to submit my scrawled speaking notes into public record for the commissioners to review; no idea if that happened because I had to leave early. and if it did, no idea if they will be able to read my notes :- )

It is true, the vast majority of those speaking were in favor of opening the route. That made me feel better about having to duck out early and not say my bit. I will send them an email as directed in the previous posting.

Thanks RS4x4 for working hard on these issues for all of us.
That guy was me! I too had to leave early, but I gave your notes (which were legible by the way...they should have no problem reading them) to the Grand County Commissioner to pass it on to the Boulder County Commissioners. I knew they would be there until the bitter end! Thanks for showing up and supporting the cause, Sank!
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